Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Scott Caan, Josh Brolin and Ashley Scott

“Into the Blue” is an MGM Studios remake of the 70’s hit, “The Deep” and promises loads of underwater action. This updated storyline Directed by John Stockwell, is being filmed offshore and around Nassau involving hundreds of production cast and support crew. The feature film stars Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Scott Caan, Josh Brolin and Ashley Scott, with the basic plot being a group of divers who find themselves in deep trouble with a drug lord after they come upon the illicit cargo within a sunken airplane.

The feature film is a big project, involving sinking two DC3’s (airplanes) as underwater sets for the movie. A third DC3 is actually being filmed inside an unused molasses tank at the nearby Bacardi factory. Fortunately for the cast and crew, the water temperature in the tank is a balmy 90 degrees!

Pictured left are Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Scott Caan, and Ashley Scott with Stuart Cove staff, as well as photos of the DC3s. The filming is still in progress daily at Stuart Cove’s and will continue through March.

“Into The Blue” Films Almost Exclusively With Stuart Coves!


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