Stuart Cove’s in the Bahamas!

The Dive Bahamas facility has enough buildings to allow the operation to keep all of the equipment and personnel right on property. This makes overall management easier allowing us to spend less time on logistics and more time on customer service.

Guests of Stuart Cove’s also benefit from the following physical facilities:

  • Retail Boutique including Scuba & Snorkeling accessories and a complete line of gifts and souvenirs.
  • Fin Photo – One of the Caribbean’s leading full service Digital Underwater Photo Centers.
  • Customer Gear Storage Room.
  • State of the art Classroom
  • Rental Department – fully stocked with modern equipment
  • Men’s & Women’s bathrooms with fresh water showers
  • Maintenance Garage


In the summer of 1995 Dive Bahamas received a makeover. It became the home to the feature film “Flipper” starring Elija Wood and Paul Hogan. Through the magic of Hollywood, a quaint dive operation, has been transformed in to a Bahamian fishing village complete with school, general store, fish market, and restaurant.

So right away, let’s dispel three myths about the appearance of the dive shop:

No fisherman were moved out of their homes so that the dive shop could move in. The shacks were built as part of the movie set.

The entire set was built in the summer of 1996 out of brand new pressure treated lumber. After construction the special effects crews came in with their tricks and literally overnight cracked and aged all of the finishes.

Yes – it still is a working movie set.

Not only have we shot a number of documentaries and television news stories from the set – but Universal Studios in Hollywood, CA still retains the rights to use the set again for a sequel to the film if they decide to make one.


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