Heidi Klum, Natalie Imbruglia and The Coves

From the set of “Shark Week” for Discovery Channel, to fashion shoots, music videos and TV specials, Stuart and Michelle Cove are busy with supermodels and film crews almost everyday. Stuart Cove’s operations are strategically located at the Atlantis Resort as well as on the opposite side of the island (South ocean). Thus the whole island can be covered for film production.

Pictured above is supermodel Heidi Klum with Stuart and Michelle Cove on the set of Discover’s 2003 Shark Week. Photo top left shows Natalie Imbruglia while filming her music video in the shark tanks at Atlantis for her album ‘White Lillies Island.’ Bottom left is supermodel Carmen Kass posing in the shark cage in designer swimwear for ‘The Fashion’ magazine in 2001.

Atlantis Resort is The Set for Many Model Shoots and Videos


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