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Production companies have known about the virtues of the crystal clear waters of The Bahamas since making the original “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” in 1915. Since that time, it has remained one of the top locations worldwide for underwater footage. That’s why it has earned the nickname “Underwater Movie Capital of the World”.

The commonwealth of the Bahamas encompasses over 700 different islands and 100,000 square miles of territory. Islands range from tropical and lush, to desert. Some islands are densely populated, while others have no population at all. Whatever you are looking for – The Bahamas has the diversity to allow you to find the perfect location.

The city of Nassau is located on the island of New Providence. Ironically, one of the smaller islands in the commonwealth is home to the capital city, Nassau, and over 80% of the country’s population.

With a long colorful past which includes pirates, British Loyalists from the Revolutionary War, and Rum Runners from the prohibition era, the city of Nassau boasts many old buildings and forts that provide outstanding backgrounds for all kinds of shooting requirements. The historical sites contrast sharply to the modern development on the island as well. There are over 20 hotels on the island, with 2 major casino resorts, and a tourism infrastructure in place that rivals any destination in the world.

The coast of Nassau is just as diversified as the town. Along the northeast side of the island you will find long lonely sand beaches with waves coming in.

Just north of our operations base, is an area of iron shore (rock) and the islands natural deep water harbor with cliffs 40 feet above the waters. On the weekends you can usually catch local teens jumping off the cliffs into the water. Below, there are caves caused by hundreds of years worth of waves crashing into the wall, along with the unique aspect of hand carved stone steps cut into the cliffs dating back to the days of Blackbeard the Pirate.

South of our base of operations you will find more shallow waters and beaches as this is the leeward (calm) side of the island.

The Bahamas is non-unionized when it comes to production work. Besides Stuart Cove’s Underwater Production, there is a large contingent of experienced people on the island ready to work. Positions easily filled by the local residents are:

• Non-Unionized Production Labor
• Director of Photography
• Location Managers
• Grips
• Production Assistants
• Catering Services


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