After the Sunset (ATS) Wraps at Stuart Coves in January 2004

Woody Harrelson, Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek Dive Right In!

A new action thriller has completed filming at Stuart Cove’s! The film promises to be lot of fun, as Woody Harrelson and Pierce Brosnan played opponents in a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse. Not only did the cast get in the water, but even Woody Harrelson’s daughter got hooked on diving and became certified while her father was shooting the movie. Woody and his daughter took quite a liking to our resident amazon parrot, Reba, and kept her well-fed with seeds!

Woody along with his his wife, Laura Louie and daughter enjoyed diving with Stuart Cove’s—even braving our shark dive!

Woody’s daughter thoroughly enjoyed her diving experience and even posed with a Santa Hat underwater in the wheelhouse of Bahama Mama. She arranged for us to make the picture into Christmas cards for her parents in secret! The text she chose was: ‘Merry Christmas from Scuba-daughter.’

The production used Stuart Cove’s as a location for two days to shoot a ‘fishing’ scene. They used some of our boats as support vessels and used the dock as a base of operations for the various scenes. We received special permission to take the photo of Pierce and Woody (left) when they arrived back at the dock at the end of day’s shooting.

Salma Hayek played Pierce Brosnan’s love interest in the action thriller which will be in theaters late summer 2004.Salma’s celebrity boyfriend Josh Lucas (of ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ and ‘The Hulk’) visited her on location and they decided to learn to dive together. SDI certifications were issued to the couple by their Instructors Claudia and Leon . Highlights of their diving included the wrecks Bahama Mama, Ray of Hope, Sea Viking and the shark dive.

SDI certifications were issued to the couple, and the highlights of their diving included the wrecks Bahama Mama, Ray of Hope, Sea Viking and a shark dive.

Stuart Cove joined Salma for the shark dive and the famous Steelforest wrecks. According to Fin Photo Manager, Claudia Pellarini, “Salma was like a fish in the water—a natural. She and her instructor Leon came across a metal stand and they did a realistic Matrix routine underwater! They laughed until the water leaked into their masks. Salma fell in love with diving- so much so that she convinced another celebrity friend, Mia Maestro, to visit her in the Bahamas and also become certified so that they could dive together.”

Mia Maestro has co-starred with Salma in many movies, amongst them “Frida” and “In the time of the butterflies.” Mia is a renowned Argentinean actress who specializes mostly in foreign films.

Salma not only became certified, but even did her advanced course while Mia was being certified. According to Claudia “A few weeks later Mia flew back from LA especially to do her advanced course with Leon! I guess she had a blast” Salma and Mia did a last dive together before the movie wrapped.

After the Sunset (ATS) Wraps at Stuart Coves in January 2004


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