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Save The Sharks LG

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Ladies Large, 100% Cotton T-Shirt: Save the Sharks - Save the Seas!

Our Story behind this shirt design:
It was in the mid 1980’s that we began introducing divers to Sharks. This opened up a world that few had ever experienced. Television networks, hollywood films and international media coverage helped the popularity of Shark diving in the Bahamas exponentially over the next several years. Our sharks became national heroes. In 1993 the Bahamian government issued a test permit to a long line fisherman from Florida. The aim of this permit was to gauge whether long line fishing was a viable method of job creation. This fisherman targeted the three Bahamian shark dives and basically put us out of business. We marched on parliament and had such a tremendous turn out that it shut parliament down. As a result long line fishing was banned in the Bahamas. In 2012 our government made the country a shark sanctuary, banning all purposeful capture of sharks including the export and import of shark products. This law established the Bahamas as a leader in international shark conservation.

Many countries have followed suit. By introducing divers to sharks in their environment, a shark ambassador is created. Our operation has exposed over a million divers and snorkelers to an in water interaction since 1985. This life changing experience has had a positive result. Our guests take away with them a valuable message. It is a message of new insight, a new outlook towards an animal that once scared them. Instead of fear they are now seen as graceful, something of beauty and of vital importance to the health of our oceans.

Our work is never done and the continuous push to prevent the senseless killing of sharks is an on going and relentless effort.
We work closely with project aware and with every “save the sharks - save the seas” item sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Project aware.

Please help Save the Sharks - Save the Seas!