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Stuart Cove Calendar

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 The Female Dive Instructors of Stuart Cove! 2017 Calendar

 This year the female dive instructor staff at Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas decided to challenge themselves, and came up with an idea that did just that. Combining their desire to bring awareness to our ever diminishing underwater ecosystem and to reach out of their comfort zone the ladies decided to bare all (mostly all) and face the elements. Each lady came up with an idea that they believed best demonstrated the underwater ecosystem they work in everyday. Be it on wrecks, reefs, or with sharks our team went out, many with little or no modeling experience. The ladies took a deep breath, whipped off their suits and became one with the environment that not only supports their lifestyles but is necessary for all our future survival. Our team consisted of women from across the world, covering many different nationalities, races and cultural beliefs. However, in our common meeting ground we all have the same understanding that we need our oceans, and our oceans need us. With tremendous support from Stuart Cove and all the staff we were able to bring a year of images to your homes and work space that we hope will intrigue you, but more importantly inspire you to go out and become a part of endeavors being made to help in both ocean and marine conservation.

We hope you enjoy the calender as much as we did creating it!


 Lead Photographer & Miss October ~ Katie Storr from The Bahamas




Featured Photographer & Miss November ~ Pia Venegas from Chile