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Digital SLR Wide-Angle Class

Learn how to create stunning images of reefs, wrecks and divers

This hands-on interactive full day class begins in the classroom and finishes in the ocean. Topics covered include wide-angle shooting theory, focus control, exposure control and adjustment and composition. The ocean session will develop the skills and techniques to create properly exposed, focused and composed wide-angle underwater images with an underwater digital SLR system.  Camera systems are available for use at no extra cost or student can use their own. Diving fee is additional.

Course Frequency Duration Training Fees
(*dives not included)
Course Includes: Course Excludes / Student Provides: Pre-Requisites Certification Earned
  • Digital SLR Wide-Angle Class(includes photo equipment)
  • At your convenience
  • All Day
  • AM = Lecture
  • PM = 2-tank dive trip with camera*
  • $395 per person ($430 with Rental Camera)
  • Morning lecture with one of our full-time professional photographers.
  • Professional photography mentor underwater for the "Skills Challenge" during your boat charter*
  • Post dive review and critic of performance during your "Skills Challenge" dives.
  • CD-ROM containing all the images taken during your dives.
  • 2-tank Dive Trip
  • All personal diving equipment
  • Underwater SLR Camera(Rental Available)
  • Minimum of 12 years of age
  • Certified as an Open Water Diver (or JR Diver)
  • None

One of the simplest and quickest ways there is to enhance your enjoyment of Scuba diving is to start taking pictures so that you can document your discoveries and share the adventure with your friends. With the advent of digital underwater photography this process is even easier.

This Digital U/W Photography course provides you the necessary training and hands on skills so that you can capture great images!

During the course you will learn good habits, and a basic understanding of proven techniques to shoot good underwater images. Your instructor will be one of our staff photo pro's that are experienced at using the Sea & Sea and other digital camera systems as well as being experts at shooting local marine life.

In no time you will be on your way to capturing great images!