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Snorkeling Trips

Snorkel Bahamas 1/2 Day
1. Hotel Pick-Ups

Your adventure begins with complimentary transfers from your hotel. Stuart Cove buses will pick-up at all hotels in Nassau, Paradise Island, Cable Beach, and the cruise ships according to our schedule. We ask that you please be patient as the buses have several stops and may be a few minutes early or late based on the promptness of our other guests.
2. Check-In

Our home base is located on the southwest side of the island in the old "Flipper" movie set. This part of the island offers guests the ideal location for diving and snorkeling along with the most "natural" protection from wind and storms. When you arrive at our facility, we will ask you to come into our boutique to check in. At this time, we will collect payment and ask you to sign a release form. In addition, you will have the opportunity to stock up on sun tan lotion, candy, snacks, water, and beverages that you may desire to bring with you on the trip. Your boat comes equipped with a cooler of ice and fresh drinking water.
3. Custom Built Snorkel Boat

Your snorkel adventure will take place on one of our custom built boats. Unless otherwise scheduled for a private charter, your snorkel adventure will go out on the "Zambezi". This twin engine vessel was commissioned by Stuart Cove's in 2001, and was designed with snorkeling in mind. It offers a large upper sun deck for relaxing during the short rides between sites, a broad beam (width) so you have lots of room, and a large platform in the rear for easy entry and exit. It also has a work counter, fresh drinking water, a cooler for your snacks, fresh water showers, and storage for all snorkeling equipment on board to make the trip more comfortable.

The vessel was named for the Zambezi Shark, found off the coast of Africa. This species is a close relative of the Bull Shark found in the northern hemisphere. Don't worry.... it's not very common around our waters, we just thought it would be a cool name.
4. Location #1 - A Shallow Reef

Our first stop is a beautiful shallow reef. At these sites, typically the bottom is at 10-25 feet. We choose the exact site at the time of the trip based on any specific requests from you, our guest, and the weather conditions. Our goal is to find you the calmest water with the most marine life each day.
Typical Shallow Reefs For Snorkeling
Nari Nari - Sculpture Garden
Little Elvis
Goulding Cay
School House
5. Location #2 - A Shallow Reef or a Shipwreck

The next location you will visit is either a different shallow reef or one of our shallow shipwrecks. The location chosen is the one that will provide you the best overall experience for the given conditions that day. We have dozens wrecks to choose from, and conditions depending, we often will snorkel on or near a wreck.
6. Location #3 - Sharks (Optional)

If the weather permits, we will stop at a 3rd location to allow you to experience an incredible thrill - snorkeling with Caribbean Reef Sharks.

Don't worry.... it sounds scarier than it really is. The location we visit is one where shark feeding takes place with scuba divers. When you visit as a snorkeler - a bait box is lowered on a rope to a depth of 40 feet. That box creates a scent trail that will attract the animals to the area. However, because the scent is at depth - the sharks stay close to the bottom. We then enter the water snorkeling and stay on the surface observing these magnificent creatures in their natural environment from above. Once you exit - you will be able to debunk a myth created by Hollywood and share with your friends what you learned first hand about sharks. Stuart Cove's Snorkel Bahamas is also a great cruise ship activity for Nassau, Bahamas with pick ups on Paradise Island, Atlantis and all Nassau Hotels.

The shark experience is a unique chance to see these magnificent graceful creatures. As the apex predator of the ocean - their job is to ensure the health of the overall marine ecosystem by removing the weak and dying animals in the area. This ensures that only the healthy and strong survive. The greatest predator to sharks is man. As we said, this site and activity are optional, based on the weather. Anyone not comfortable going into the water on the shark stop may still participate in observing these magnificent creatures from the upper deck, and watch them from a distance while still getting great views!
7. Return To Your Hotel

Upon your return to the dock, as our other boats trickle in, you will have a few moments to relax and visit our boutique before boarding the shuttle bus returning you to your hotel or cruise ship. Once the first bus is full, it will depart. We have a fleet of buses, and if you are not on the first - no worries! You will have plenty of time to board another. There will be an announcement made when the last bus is ready to leave.