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Shark Awareness Spec

Shark Awareness Specialty Course

Distinctive Specialty

Since I began my career in diving over 36 years ago, I first observed and then interacted with the shark population around the island. Those early experiences paved the way for our participation in Hollywood blockbusters such as "Never Say Never Again" and "Jaws IV: The Revenge" where I worked as the film's "Shark Wrangler". The outgrowth of those experiences led to the development of our Shark Adventure™ dives, which we offer regularly.

Unfortunately, due to man's intervention, the shark population worldwide is dwindling. Several years ago, we at Stuart Cove's pioneered the first ever "Shark Awareness Specialty Course" to combat this. The goal of this course is to introduce divers to sharks, and to educate the divers to the important role sharks play in maintaining a healthy oceanic ecosystem. It also educates divers to the real habits and nature of sharks in their natural environment. In addition, our specialty course has now been approved for teaching the academic portion in the comfort of your own home.

For booking your Shark Awareness Specialty Course call our US reservations office or your local dive center to reserve space for this very distinctive specialty course. After completing both the academic portion and the open water portions of this course you will join the elite group of "Shark Awareness" divers enjoying shark encounters around the world!

Let's go diving soon.... with the sharks!

Stuart Cove
It’s a well-known fact that the world’s shark population is dwindling rapidly. This decline is due to the shark's one and only Whether it is a lack of knowledge about shark behavior in general or over zealous fishermen, sharks are indeed in trouble.

The "Dark Ages" of Shark knowledge are now part of your past when you join Stuart Cove’s Shark Awareness Course. The simple goal of this course is to introduce you to the shark. Through an academic program presented by a multi-media presentation, you will learn how to identify different types of sharks, understand some of their behaviors, and learn why this animal is so important to the overall oceanic ecosystems.
The course will also teach you proper behavior for diving with sharks, and will finish with you completing two shark dives - a free swim with sharks and a shark feeding dive. Upon completion of the academic and open water sections, you will be awarded a specialty certification. Included in the course fee are the academic presentations, our 2-tank Shark Adventure and certification fees.
$450 per person private
$300 per person semi-private
$250 per person group 3+ (same price for online home course) Book Now!
Scheduled around your presence on island.
Start-At Home: 1/2 day
On-Island: 1 day
Academic session (either at home or lecture with an instructor) MUST be completed prior to participating in the dives in order to receive credit for the specialty course.

Dives: 1:00 pm / 5:15 pm
Start-At-Home Course $250
Includes a DVD presentation of the "Shark Awareness" academic portion of the course and knowledge review sent to you at home for self study; the dives and certification fee

On-Island Course
Includes academic presentation taught by one of our instructors, dives and certification fee

Tanks, Weights, Weightbelt
Full Body Suit (ie: wetsuit or skin with long legs & long sleeves) ($12)
12 Years Old Good Physical Health Open Water Certification
2 Shark Dives
A free Swim with the sharks & a shark feeding dive.
Shark Awareness Diver
Distinctive Specialty which counts towards Master Scuba Diver